What's the difference between Cruelty-free, ORGANIC, and VEGAN?

What's the difference between Cruelty-free, ORGANIC, and VEGAN?

Are you familiar with cruelty free, organic nature, and vegetarianism? Aren't these the words that are often used in today's beauty world? Different beauty brands are also jumping into this new space. Is it purely for the sake of certification and logos to enhance their brand image? Or do you want to do something for animals and the environment? It's hard to figure out why, but as consumers, what we can do is read the labels and make smart choices.


Cruelty-free means "no animal testing," and the name implies that these products have never been tested on animals before being marketed. Can you imagine humans constantly harming small animals in order to produce beauty products? Rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and other animals are force-fed chemicals or coated with cosmetics on their skin, eyes and ears to detect allergic reactions. After a long period of torture, the animals are simply discarded, killed and disembowelled to see how the ingredients affect their internal organs. The mere hearing of the animal tests was alarming.




The word ORGANIC means "ORGANIC". Many people may equate "ORGANIC" with "natural", but the two words have different meanings. "Natural" does not have to be organic because "natural" only means that the ingredients contained in it come from plants and are free from chemicals. However, it can be grown using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and can also be extracted with chemical solvents. Therefore, "natural" does not mean that it is compatible with nature; However, "organic" requires plants to be grown in an environment that is non-toxic, free of pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones. At the end of the day, it's not just the words on the product that you believe in. It's the products that are strictly regulated and certified organic that you feel most comfortable with.


When you think of VEGAN, do you think of VEGAN culture only? But in fact, VEGAN culture is not limited to the diet level, but also applies to the attitude of life, including the care products we use every day. First of all, Vegan's philosophy is to love animals. The concept is not to eat any animal-related products. The "related products" refers not only to the animals themselves, but also to products containing animal ingredients, such as milk products and honey. This philosophy is also applied to BEAUTY products, where VEGAN means no animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax, honey, and lanolin, so if you're a Cruelty-Free supporter, keep an eye out for Vegan Beauty.

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