What is amino acid facial cleanser?

What is amino acid facial cleanser?

The first step of taking care of your skin, is to choose the right facial cleanser - Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
How much do you know about the amino acid cleanser? The world skin specialist recognizes 'AMINO ACID' as the best facial cleanser ingredients.

"AMINO ACID" is being recognized as the best and the most gentle facial cleanser ingredients by the world skin specialist experts. Its biggest feature is being very effective for cleaning the skin also it is gentle, skin-friendly, low-irritation, suitable for children and sensitive skin.

Normally, facial cleanser will focus on the cleansing efficiency, reduce blackhead and oily skin, but most of the products irritate the skin. In order to improve the cleaning power of facial cleanser, most of the products contain extremely high alkaline surfactants, vesicant soap and other ingredients, and since your skin is slightly acidic, prolonged such usage will irritate the skin.

We all know that cleansing is the first step in skin care, to achieve a beautiful skin, it is important to make sure our face is clean and clear, by doing such step, your skin is nourished from the oxygen and nutrients carried in the blood, only then skin care products can be well-absorbed into your skin, and makeup residue can be removed easily.

Good facial cleanser requires the following conditions:
• Do not damage the lipid between keratinocytes
• Need 10-20% moisture in healthy skin keratinocytes, improving the skin elasticity and softness.
• Clean skin pore and remove makeup residue effectivel

• Suppress the propagation of bacteria and irritant of the skin damage,
• Balance oily skin oil naturally, so that you won’t feel that your face has stretching effect

"AMINO ACID" Facial Cleanser Benefits:
Cleanliness: Rich and creamy foam, strong cleaning ability
Irritation: PH value = 5.5-6.5, Non-irritating, Non-tightening
Moisture level: After cleansing, a thin layer of skin grease will be formed to protect your skin
Rinse level: Easy to rinse, no residue
Features: All Day 24-hours Hydration 

*Suitable for sensitive skin & family use

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